Ethically Sourced Network (ESN)

ESN - Providing Market Access And Trade Digitization For Ethically Sourced Products

About ESN

The Ethically Sourced Network (ESN), provides Market Access Opportunities, and A Trade Digitization infrastructure for thousands of Suppliers of Ethically Sourced Products. Details of the ESN Team are here. Information about ESN operations can be seen down the page.

ESN have registered the ETHICALLY SOURCED Mark in several countries across the world, including the UK, the US, and across 27 EU countries as an EU Mark. ESN is co-operating with IBM on a Trade Digitization Programme for Ethically Sourced Products. Trade Digitization can help address many of the issues raised by Brexit. The ESN Infrastructure can help with this.

ESN Operational Activities

  • B2B Platform and The ESN Blockchain Operation
  • Assistance with the Digitization of Trade For Ethically Sourced Products.
  • Provision of the Ethically Sourced Mark to help easily ascertain products as being Ethically Sourced
  • Set Up the Ethically Sourced Network as a Cluster of Environmentally Friendly, Ethically Sourced Suppliers
  • Utilizing the ESN System to provide a Centralized Point of Identification of Registered Ethically Sourced and Environment Friendly Suppliers
  • Operation of the wholly Owned London.WS website to distribute products of ESN Suppliers
  • Operating a FairTrade Exchange to expand the ESN programme by bringing in FairTrade Suppliers
  • FairTrade Exchange

    ESN is introducing a FairTrade Exchange, as a FairTrade B2B Digital Trade Exchange for today's world. Fair Trade already has an extensive reach and Bringing Fair Trade Suppliers and Retailers into the ESN Ecosystem should provide significant benefits for them and ESN.

    The FairTrade Exchange will be a Digital Trade Ecosystem of Fair Trade And Ethically Sourced Suppliers And Retailers. It is also being integrated into a Local Web Network where Fair Trade And Ethically Sourced Retailers can access over 2.6 Million Subscribers

    ESN Partner And Licensee Network

    ESN is building up a Partner And Licensee Network in countries where the ESN mark is registered

    Ethically Sourced As An Asset Class

    $50 trillion worth of global assets will be committed to Environmental and Ethical Projects by 2025. Individual investors are flocking to this sector.

    The world’s biggest asset management firms have embraced the sector. And now, publicly traded companies are embracing it. Venture capitalists are getting involved in the sector, pointing toward a new era of investing.


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